IMG_3148 3I reside with my family in the Nashville, TN area. I was married at 17 to my Highschool sweetheart, Shane. Our first child joined us when I was 18, the fourth child at 23, the fifth child at 26 (I’m from Ky which explains this :). Our eyes were unexpectedly opened to adoption and the power of love and diversity across the ocean. Now, 9 children later, 5 bio, and 4 adopted from Ethiopia (three of them adopted as teenagers), 1 son-in-love, and 2 daughter-in-loves, life is full of adventure. I’m the Founder of Ordinary Hero Foundation. I’ve learned in spite of life’s tragedies that sometimes fill our pasts, God redeems and makes all things beautiful. Sometimes I like to tell about it. 🙂

Thank you for following my journey!