Conversation Regarding A Racist and a Thug

My previous blog post, A Racist and a Thug,  has gotten more views and shares than any other post I’ve written. I am still scratching my head and wondering what has resonated so strongly with people. I encourage you to read it if you have not. This is our time in history and in our nation to bring these issues to light…to have the hard conversations, and to begin to break down walls that divide us all. This is a follow up conversation between myself and my friend, Jarvis, that was derived from the content of my blog post. Jarvis does an excellent job giving us a very real, candid look into some of the things he faces as a black man in today’s society. How can two, opposite, black and white cultures in America come together as friends, family, and community? Join us as we discuss all the many topics that are creating an uprise and a divide in America today and what has worked for us to try to break through the sterotype of what most assume to be a racist and a thug.

This is the 5 min version recapping all our topics of conversation.


This is the entire conversation which is where we share the story of how we met.

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